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Our Story:

There’s something almost magical about the way the past latches onto us — not just in the form of dusty old photographs, but through the living, breathing stories we carry. For the team at Huntingsky.com, this connection is as real as the earth beneath our boots and the skies above our heads where the stars chart our stories.

Grandpa Lecchi

It started with Grandpa Lecchi, who wasn’t just a hunter — he was the original storyteller, a man whose laughter seemed to echo through the trees long after he’d told his joke. He planted more than trees; he planted tales, memories, and a legacy that grew roots in the very land we walk upon.

When Sara, Stella, and the rest of us gather under the twilight shadow of that very tree Grandpa Lecchi planted, it’s not just a tree we see — it’s a monument of time, a keeper of secrets, and a silent witness to countless sunrises and dusks.

We’re not just a team; we’re a patchwork quilt of experiences, woven together with threads of wild adventures and quiet moments by the campfire. Each hunting episode, each meal we cook in our canvas-walled sanctuary is a patch in that quilt, a story in our book.

And yeah, there are moments when the weight of the legacy feels heavy, when the stories of the past challenge us to make our own mark. But then, there’s the laughter, the crackle of the campfire, the smell of a rustic meal that brings us back to why we do this. It’s not just about the hunt; it’s about the humanity of it all, the humility, and the hunger to keep the stories alive.

So come along, pull up a chair and lend us your ears. We’ve got stories to tell — some over a crackling fire, some through the soft whisper of the pines, and others through the legacy of a man who knew that what we take from the land is never as much as what we leave behind.

We are Huntingsky.com, and this is our story.


In the heart of the wilderness, where the whispers of nature are more articulate than any human speech, there’s a camaraderie that binds not just people, but souls. Here at Huntingsky.com, our story isn’t just written in the footprints we leave on the trail, but in the laughter, the barks, and the revving of an old pickup truck that has seen more dirt roads than the city pavements.

John, with his eyes as sharp as an eagle’s, could spot a deer’s twitch from miles away. He’s the kind of guy who speaks less and acts more, the silent type whose words, when they do come, cut through the noise like the clean shot of his rifle. His partner in crime, Alex, is the contrast — always a story up his sleeve, a smile cracking through his bearded facade, and a heart as open as the skies above.

They aren’t just hunters. They are custodians of an ancient dance between man and nature, a dance that Grandpa Lecchi taught them — one that respects the ebb and flow of the wild.

And there’s Shordy, a name as simple as the joy he brings. He’s not just a dog; he’s a spirit, a furry embodiment of Huntingsky.com’s ethos. When he’s not chasing shadows or napping with one eye open, he’s the silent guardian, the companion, the four-legged reminder that loyalty isn’t just a human trait.

doggo in sheets

You see, Huntingsky.com isn’t just about the thrill of the hunt. It’s about the moments in between — like the serenity of a camp that becomes a home under the stars, where each tent flap opening sounds like a page turning in our storybook of the wild.

Our pickup, oh, it’s not just a vehicle. It’s the chariot that carries our dreams, muddy tires and all. It’s seen more dawns and dusks than any of us, and if it could talk, oh the tales it would tell of close calls, narrow paths, and the joy of returning to camp with a new story etched in every scratch on its paint.

camp pickup

As the day folds into night and we gather around the campfire, the flames cast a warm glow on faces that have weathered storms and basked in the gentle kiss of the morning sun. The fire crackles, a symphony to accompany our tales, as we cook up a storm, our laughter and chatter seasoning the meal better than any herb could.

We’re more than a team; we’re a family, tied not by blood but by the pure love for the wilderness. Our stories are not just our own; they are the continuation of Grandpa Lecchi’s legacy, each one adding to the legend of the tree he planted, now a towering sentinel of our camp.

This is Huntingsky.com — where every hunt is a story, every meal a memory, and every star a reminder that we are but a small part in this vast, beautiful tapestry of life.

And as the night deepens, and the stars wink down at us, we know that the greatest tale is not the one we tell; it’s the one we live. So, we live it fully, with every sense attuned to the wild, every beat of our hearts in rhythm with the earth.

Join us, and be part of this continuing story, where every visit writes a new chapter, and every memory is a treasure kept safe under the boughs of Grandpa Lecchi’s tree.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a community that values safe, responsible, and ethical hunting. We are dedicated to providing the latest information, education, and products to enhance the hunting experience while advocating for wildlife conservation and ethical practices.

Meet Our Team:

  • John Carter (Co-Founder): A seasoned hunter and the patriarch of the Carter family, John embodies the spirit of traditional hunting and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with the community.
  • Alex Carter (Co-Founder & Tech Lead): Alex represents the new generation of hunters, combining his love for hunting with a passion for technology and conservation. He is committed to bringing modern solutions and a sustainable outlook to the hunting community.
  • Sara Mitchell (Conservation Advocate & Lead Writer): Sara Mitchell is a passionate conservationist and an experienced hunter with a deep commitment to ethical hunting practices. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, she developed a profound connection with nature. With a Master’s degree in Wildlife Biology and over 20 years of field experience, Sara’s expertise is invaluable to Huntingsky.com. She leads our content on conservation, ethical hunting, and education, helping us to inform and inspire hunters to make a positive impact on the environment.

Our Values:

We believe in the power of community, education, and responsible stewardship of our natural resources. Our content, curated by experts like Sara, is designed to reflect these values, providing our readers with a trusted source of information and a platform for discussion.

Join Us:

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, interested in the latest gear, or passionate about wildlife conservation, Huntingsky.com is your destination. We invite you to join our community, share your stories, and learn how to become a more responsible and successful hunter.

Together, let’s respect the hunt and the world we share.